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Posted on April 12th, 2016 by vapro

Serving Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia

Property Maintenance Services, Inc., an ISNetworld company, specializes in development and maintenance of vegetation management (VM) programs. Unmanaged and poorly maintained vegetation can cause electricity outages, wildfire, soil erosion, and water quality issues. These events can damage electric power infrastructures, resulting in serious reliability, economic, environmental, and national security consequences.

We provide our vegetation management services for petroleum, natural gas, electric, municipalities, industrial sites. Our services include the control of vegetation in utility substations, tank farm fuel storage facilities, pipeline valve and regulator sites, industrial storage areas, flood control dams, airport runways, lights and poles, along highways, and virtually any other area where overgrowth must be controlled aggressively for regulatory and safety reasons including visibility, security, fire prevention and structural integrity. Vegetation control ensures compliance with government regulations.

All herbicides are approved and regulated by the EPA. Many herbicides are selective, meaning that they control certain species while not harming others. Non-selective herbicides may be used to clear large tact’s of land from all vegetation, such as areas around substations or power plants. Our service and materials are 100% guaranteed.

Safety First

Property Maintenance Services, Inc. belongs ISNetworld which pinpoints our company to be a safe and reliable contractor. All operators are up-to-date on all MSHA training and certification and receive annual spray technician training to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Property Maintenance Services, Inc. takes great pride in its training program and employees that have completed each program. We hold 0 Loss Time Accidents and make safety our first priority. Our employees are drug-tested, licensed, insured operators whom received the highest quality of training for any job.

Benefits of Vegetation Management

  • Saves on-site maintenance costs
  • Reduces fire hazards
  • Improves visibility at facilities
  • Increases maintenance access
  • Easier inspection of equipment and buildings
  • Prevents erosion through desirable ground cover growth (low growing grasses)
  • Prevents encroachment (from all growing species)
  • Keeps buildings and equipment free of overhead and ground hazards
  • Reduces blocked vision areas for pedestrians and equipment movement
  • Increases safety and positive appearance
  • Safer work environment = liability reduction

Why Choose PMSI?

The professionals at Property Maintenance Services, Inc. are dedicated to providing our commercial customers throughout the Eastern Ohio and Northern Panhandle of West Virginias region with responsive, safe, and efficient complete vegetation management services.

With our 24/7 office staff and continual care, our experienced operator always go above and beyond to make sure our customers are serviced at the highest level of expectation. Providing professional vegetation management solutions for an abundance of commercial and industrial customer’s which leaves us the most reliable and efficient VM professional in the TriState area.

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