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Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Posted on April 12th, 2016 by vapro

Ensuring Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia Businesses Great First Impressions

Parking lot sweeping is the foundation on which Property Maintenance Services, Inc. was built. PMSI is a certified sweeping contractor that employs highly qualified, uniformed, drug tested, licensed, insured, and trained operators.

With experience spanning over two decades, we provide services to more than 120 clients in Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. These clients include but are not limited to: industrial complexes, institutional properties, municipalities, and commercial complexes.

Your building grounds are typically the first impression your business makes on a customer and employees. PMSI’s rolling fleet and personnel are equipped with the proper tools to perform and work in hard-to-reach areas of parking lots, sidewalks, shopping cart return racks and other pedestrian right-of-ways. Our reliable and professional staff can make sure your parking lot looks and says clean as new.

We provide a customized, flexible sweeping schedule that takes all accounts into consideration such as: noise ordinances, traffic and parking patterns, business hours, debris levels, etc. Make a good impression by having routine parking lot sweeping by a professional certified sweeping company.

Guaranteed Sweeping Services

Impress Your Customers, Tenants, Inspectors and the Community

Forget dealing with complaints, scheduling difficulties, irregular service and excuses; our sweeping services are guaranteed and work 7 days a week/ 364 days per year. We work on a schedule designated by you and the needs of your lot. Utilizing our large varied fleet, we guarantee to have the right equipment for any job. Not only will you be satisfied with our work but your tenants, customers, and the community will be happy as well.

Benefits of Parking Lot Sweeping

Keep the inside of your commercial property cleaner, by keeping the outside clean. Property Maintenance Services Inc.’s customers save money long-term by prolonging the life of the parking surface and interior maintenance. Allowing PMSI to routinely clean your parking lot can attract more customers due to the exterior appearance of your business.

Safety First

Property Maintenance Services, Inc. takes great pride in its training programs and uses continual education to assure optimal customer satisfaction for every service. We hold 0 Loss Time Accidents and make safety our first priority.

Additional Parking Lot Maintenance Services

PMSI’s Parking Lot Sweeping services cover the large areas, but what about the small areas that trucks can’t reach? Our additional services include: changing of trash can liners, blowing off sidewalks, and picking litter from green areas. This will ensure that every inch of your business exterior is well cared for and maintained on a routine basis throughout the year.

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